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Home Maintenance 24×7 is specialized in providing home maintenance services such as Fridge & Washing Machine Repairs. Our goal is to provide all necessary maintenance options to our clients through one simple appointment.

Fridge Repair

Our mission is to be the go-to service provider for all refrigerator repair needs, delivering exceptional customer service, high-quality fridge repairs, and prompt solutions in Doha, Qatar. We aim to extend the lifespan of your fridge, minimize downtime, and save you the cost of purchasing a new appliance.

Actually, What Common Probelms are people looking online about Refrigerator Repairing services?

1. Frost Accumulation in Ice Dispenser
2. Fridge is Freezing instead of Only Cooling
3. Incessant Refrigerator Cycling
4. Water Leakage
5. Ice Sheet on Freezer Floor
6. Overflowing Ice Maker
7. Refrigerator not Getting Cold

Washing machine repair

At Washing Machine Repair Experts, our mission is to establish ourselves as the industry leader in washing machine repair services. We strive to provide comprehensive solutions that go beyond mere repairs, offering exceptional customer service, reliable and long-lasting repairs, and prompt resolutions to all related issues. Our primary objective is to enhance the efficiency and performance of your washing machine, minimize downtime, and ultimately save you time and money.

Actually, What Probelms are people looking online about Washing Machine Repairing services?

1. Washing Machine is Leaking
2. Washing Machine Is Noisy
3. Washing Machine Moves Around
4. Washing Machine Won’t Spin
5. 5. Washing Machine Won’t Fill with Water
6. Washer Door Doesn’t Open
7. Washer Won’t Drain / Washer Is Clogged
8. Washing Machine Won’t Turn On


Great Service

we provide our clients better services with expert technicians.

نحن نقدم لعملائنا خدمات أفضل مع فنيين خبراء

Professional Skills

We have a professional skillful technicians for any kind of Fridge or Washing machine Maintenance.

لدينا فنيين محترفين ماهرين لأي نوع من صيانة الثلاجة أو الغسالة.

Creative Solution

After visiting your home or office, Our creative team will provide you best solution for you.

بعد زيارة منزلك أو مكتبك ، سيقدم لك فريقنا الإبداعي أفضل الحلول لك.

Highest Standard

we always follow Highest Standard with Low Cost.

نحن نتبع دائمًا أعلى المعايير بتكلفة منخفضة.